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Made in Canada! Since 1996, L’École branchée (our publisher) has been the #1 media outlet for teaching in the digital age in French!

Our team provides diverse means of supporting the professional development of educators, professionals, and administrators. We achieve this through a bilingual magazine, classroom activities, and continuing education services, all aimed at inspiring educators and leaders to better meet the diverse needs of young people and promote their success, both presently and in the future.

We develop and maintain an independent network that brings together initiatives from the entire educational ecosystem (teachers/directors/professionals, public/independent, primary/secondary, French-speaking/English-speaking, etc.) in order to promote:
– The development and adoption of current pedagogical and educational practices, in particular through digital technologies;
– Education and the teaching profession.

For us, the challenges of teaching in the digital age are foremost human and relational.

Our mission

École branchée is a non-profit media organization whose mission is to support the development of professional expertise of education actors in the digital age to promote educational success.

Our vision

An education system that evolves with its time, is recognized and has the necessary expertise to meet the diverse needs of today’s young people in order to promote their success and their development!

Our impact

Considering that each flame lit in a teacher positively impacts dozens of students each year throughout their careers… imagine when we can do it with thousands! This is a most inspiring promise of impact, knowing that our actions inspire beyond borders!

Our Values

Inspiring Us in Everything We Do!


🏹 The one that allows you to believe in your full human potential, the one that pushes you to undertake yourself in coherence with your values, to get off the beaten track and to dare to realize yourself.


🗝 The one that enables you to think, to dream, to pause time to savour an idea that, at first glance, may seem far-fetched, yet nothing and nobody can impede its realization.


👣 The one that pushes you to try, to make mistakes, to adjust, to start over, but to always move forward; to take those first, unique, and timely steps.

Our Team

A Passionate Team of ❤️ and 🔥!

Audrey Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Editor & Publisher


Stephanie Dionne

Director of Development

Alexandra Coutlée

Director of Educational Innovation

Martine Rioux

Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Manager

Laurie Couture

Pedagogical Consultant – Coordinator of Online Training

Nicole Arsenault

Educational Delegate

Karla Mora

Operations Coordinator

Hélène Breau

Sales Assistant

Laurianne Bellamy

Customer Service Fairy

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Our email: info@engaged-learning.com
As an all remote work team, we do not have a phone line.
Reach us by email first and we’ll get back to you if we can’t help you otherwise.

Our mailing address:
EngagED Learning
P.O. Box 33
Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury QC G3C 2M2

Published by: 
L’École branchée (online): ISSN 2368-058X
in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury (QC, Canada)
Since 1996!


Our History


The roots of École branchée and Engaged Learning can be traced back to 1996, when the Education Infobourg website was launched by Clément Laberge and André Girard, two educators interested in promoting the use of technology in education. The website aimed to showcase the educational resources of Quebec’s infobourg, a neologism that referred to a neighborhood of information.

In 1998, the Chroniques de l’Infobourg magazine was launched, which would later become École branchée in 2000. Over the years, the magazine and website evolved into a leading educational resource for Quebec educators, providing training, resources, and publications on technology-enabled learning.

Between 2000 and 2012, Infobourg was published by De Marque, a company specializing in the distribution of educational resources and digital books. Its editorial direction was led by several individuals, including Audrey Miller, Martine Rioux, Catherine Houle, and Nathalie Côté.

In 2012, De Marque transferred the École branchée, Infobourg, SCOOP!, and Picto brands to the non-profit organization called École branchée, which was led on a mainly volunteer basis by Audrey Miller. In March 2015, Infobourg.com officially became Ecolebranchee.com, with the goal of harmonizing the activities of the print magazine and the online magazine.

In 2017, École branchée launched a new initiative called CreaCamp, a training service for educators. In late 2019, École branchée on the family, a service designed to support parents in the digital world and facilitate communication with teachers, was born.

Engaged Learning emerged in the summer of 2021. It was first specifically designed to address the educational requirements of the anglophone community in Quebec. However, since its launch, Engaged Learning has gained significant momentum and now extends its reach to educators across all of North America. Through its innovative approach, Engaged Learning strives to provide valuable resources and support that empower educators to enhance student engagement in the digital age.

Today, École branchée continues to be a leading voice in the promotion of technology-enabled learning. Its team is constantly working on new ideas and initiatives to support educators, students, and families in their educational journeys

Thanks to authors of the site and our precious partners! … And to all the employees who contribute by their texts and opinions to enrich the educational Web in this digital age!

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