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Canva & Google: The Perfect Duo!

In this training session, we explore how Canva and Google can collaborate to create a vibrant and engaging digital environment for students. Indeed, Canva’s creative features combined with Google’s sharing and organizational capabilities allow for the development of a visual and educational identity in the materials used by both teachers and students. We will see how creativity and pedagogy can enhance the image of your classroom!

August 31, 2023

Creating Your Own Planner with Canva

The planning needs of every teacher varies depending on the level being taught, the task, and aesthetic preferences. It is possible, thanks to a platform like Canva, to create a customized planner that can then be printed or simply filled out in PDF format using the digital tool of your choice. Whether you are in primary or secondary education, come and discover the creative potential that Canva offers and the user-friendliness of this magical tool, and be fully prepared for the coming year!

Apple Keynote: A World of Possibilities!

Apple’s presentation application goes far beyond simple slides and actually offers a world of possibilities. For example, did you know that it can be used to create in visual arts, take notes, produce animations and videos, create a book, and much more? This training will guide you in using this application according to your needs so that you can make the most of all its features.

June 20, 2023

Creativity for All: Joint Exploration of Apple’s Pedagogical Guides

Did you know that practical and concrete guides have been created by Apple to further enhance the educational use of native iPad applications? With these guides, you will learn how to take better photos, create dynamic video edits, design lively posters, and much more. If you have a project in mind, these tools will help you go further. Let’s start with your needs and together discover a series of practical resources to assist you in moving forward.

Create the perfect educational animation with Keynote

Do you often feel like you spend a lot of time searching for the right resource to use for teaching a concept? And yet, in the end, it’s not always exactly what you wanted? Did you know that there are plenty of tools available to create dynamic digital resources and use them in our slideshows and videos?

This training will specifically demonstrate how Keynote (for iPad or Mac) can be used to create animated GIFs, animations, and video content to engage and enhance communication and the learning experience. We will also explore how co-creating these resources with our students during a lesson can save us time, while also helping them visualize abstract concepts and providing them with meaningful learning content upon which they can build.

Create stories with the Scratch programming language

Block-based programming is an excellent way to introduce our students to the world of programming and enable them to develop problem-solving skills at the same time.

In this training, you will learn how to leverage block-based programming to tell stories. Indeed, Scratch is a programming language that allows you to create your own story by combining visuals, movements, text, and audio. Let’s see how we can integrate programming with languages, mathematics, and art to engage and empower students.

Creating with Video

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, and technology has advanced to a point where we can use our phones to produce high-quality videos and edit them using an iPad or laptop. Explore video features and learn about the tools that can be used to tell beautiful stories!

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Possibilities and Challenges

This conference provides participants with an opportunity to explore the multiple applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. It offers a clear definition of AI, concrete examples of current and future applications, as well as directories of tools and numerous references. Ethical issues, challenges, and limitations of AI in education are also addressed, such as access to quality data, training for educators and learners, social responsibility, and privacy protection. The audience will be able to enhance their teaching practice while becoming aware of the associated issues and challenges.

Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

This workshop is designed to help teachers integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their teaching and foster students’ curiosity about this innovative technology. Participants will become familiar with the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, how it works, and its practical applications. Interactive pedagogical activities will be presented, allowing educators to actively engage their students in learning about AI and raising awareness of its impact on our society. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to develop professional skills in AI while equipping participants with tools to prepare young people for future challenges.

How to Make the Best Use of the MacBook When Students Are on a Different Platform

You have a MacBook, but your students use iPad tablets? Is everything compatible? How do you manage the interconnectivity between different platforms such as Chromebook, Office suite, etc.? This training will show you how to make the most out of your laptop, regardless of the platform you encounter on a daily basis!

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Supporting All Students With Apple’s Accessibility Tools

Supporting all of our students in their learning is both challenging and rewarding. We can utilize technology to help our students communicate their ideas in a manner that is efficient, effective and authentic. Apple designs its products with accessibility in mind. Learn how we can leverage the built-in accessibility tools and native Apple apps to help our students learn and share their ideas.

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